Squash joins school fun day

Head of Squash Jules Silvera and a team of Club juniors took the portable wall to the Beaver Rd School Summer Fun day last Sunday and signed up a dozen potential players, eager to try the real thing.

“We were sandwiched in between the welly throwing and the football so  there was stiff competition,” said Jules. “But we attracted quite a crowd – and not only kids, we got a new player for our adult Squash Xpress sessions too.”

Juniors Rosie Chadwick, Finn Coote, Miriam Mulla and Yara and Perry Soliman helped explain the game to newbies and handed out sweets to the ones who succeeded in the various challenges. (The sweets that were left after they’d scoffed most of them that is …)

Thanks to all of you for helping and special congratulations to Miriam and Rosie who have made it into the top 10 UK rankings at U15 and U11!