AGM Zooms smoothly

“Welcome to another first for The Northern – it’s just taken us 138 years to get here!”

 With those words Chairman Neville Hewer welcomed members to the Club’s first ever video conference AGM, held by Zoom on 30th September. “Covid has brought us many new experiences,” he said later. “And this one is truly historic!”

Twenty-five people attended the meeting, which employed a slide deck in place of paper documents and passed without any technical hitches.

Since all the annual reports had been available on the Club website since before Covid forced a delay to the original March AGM date – and since all voting had been conducted by proxy in advance of the meeting – business moved along quickly. All resolutions were passed by a large majority and the meeting lasted just an hour.

 * Chairing the AGM was Neville Hewer’s last duty as Club Chairman. After 20 years in the position, he will now serve as Club President.

New Chairman Martijn De Lange has been a member of the Northern for 18 years and, in between playing tennis, is CEO of logistics giant Hermes.

On behalf of everyone, he thanked Neville for “your fantastic effort and commitment during 25 years as Tennis Chairman and Club Chairman.

“The Club is now in a better position than it has been for many years. We are all very thankful that you will remain an important part of the Club because we really need you!”