Step this way – a guide to navigating the clubhouse safely

Four months ago, on the evening of Friday 20th March, Chairman Neville Hewer and General Manager Graham Brindley received the news that leisure facilities must close, sent a sad message of apology to the Club members, locked the front door and went home.

Eighteen weeks and 12 hours later, at 9am on Saturday 25th July, the door will open again – welcome back!

(But please remember to follow the little arrows …)

For the first week of opening, Members heading for the outdoor courts will continue using the route through the car park.

Members using the indoor tennis courts, squash courts or gym will enter through Reception and pick up the one-way system, designed to protect social distancing and guide people safely through the building.

There will be no exit via Reception and the bar service will continue to be accessed from the deck only.

* Gym users will turn left up the stairs to the gym, where the arrows will lead them down either side of the equipment. They will exit the gym via the fire escape.

* Indoor tennis court users will turn right down the steps/ ramp and then left to exit via the door near the ladies’ changing rooms.

* Squash players will follow the same route both to access the courts and to leave after playing.

“We are anxious to avoid having members gather in the Reception area,” said Graham. “Reception will be strictly one-way.

“Some pinch points are unavoidable elsewhere, particularly at the bottom of the ramp and by the exit door but we’re relying on Members to be courteous and stand back until their way is clear.

“We’re asking outdoor court users to continue entering around the side of the Club just while we confirm that the we’re not getting any congestion down that side corridor.”

The disabled toilet by the squash courts 1 – 4 will be available for use but changing rooms will remain closed and the squash balcony is also closed, except for coaches conducting sessions.