A Message from the Front Line

Christie nurse and Club member John Bardsley is self-isolating at home after testing positive for coronavirus – he sent us this message:

” Hi, and greetings from the front line!

” As a lot of you may know, I’m a nurse and work at The Christie. All staff are now screened on a weekly basis, regardless of symptoms, mine came back positive. I’m completely asymptomatic and it was only picked up through a routine screen. I have had access to plenty of PPE through work and haven’t looked after a known Covid positive patient for over a month.

“My point is, we’re all at risk, all of the time. Amidst all the confusing guidelines and policies which seem to change on an almost daily basis, there is one thing that doesn’t change, common sense. Of course, a balance needs to be struck between safety and life returning to normal, we can’t lockdown forever, but please, if safety measures are put in place anywhere you might be interacting, please follow them. They’re not just to protect you, they’re there to protect everyone. That risk you might be prepared to take, someone else might not survive.

“So stay safe, protect everyone, and see you soon.”