Tennis Timetable Update

Eight-year-old Stanley Calladine summed up everybody’s feelings in his home schooling sentence construction exercise (above). “Today I can play tennis at my amazing tennis club the Northern … I feel great!”

 And it was great to see you too, Stanley, along with your sister Lulu, dad Phil and all the other members who quickly filled our available court slots to celebrate the return of competitive sport – at last!

PLEASE NOTE the timetable has now been adjusted for the coming week to include later evening sessions Monday – Thursday.

As before, the 90 min slots comprise 1 hr play, 15 mins to sweep and leave the courts with a 15 min buffer before the next pair arrive.

 Tennis timetable w/beg 17.5.20

 Sunday         10.00 start                                       16.00 finish

Monday                               13.00 start                                       20.00 finish

Tuesday       10.00 start                                                               20.00 finish

Wednesday            10.00 start                                                               20.00 finish

Thursday                             13.00 start                                       20.00 finish

Friday                                    11.00 start                                       17.30 finish

Saturday      10.00 start                                                   17.30 finish

 Members may book NOW on MindBody. PLEASE remember to enter your partner’s name in the Notes section and ensure that they are in the appropriate membership category – off-peak members will be asked to pay a guest fee to play at peak times.

And THANKYOU to everyone for sticking to the rules regarding the one-way system, use of hand sanitisers, individually marked tennis balls etc. These precautions are essential if we are to be able to stay open.