Tennis start-up hits the spot!

With half a dozen sanitisers, 50 feet of barriers, a lot of signage and some last-minute hedge-cutting from Des … the outdoor tennis start-up worked!

42 players on seven courts across three playing sessions proved that the Club CAN make outdoor tennis safe to play in today’s extraordinary conditions.

The Club aims to have the courts open daily from 10.00 to 19.00 in 90min slots, to comprise 1 hr play, 15 mins to sweep and leave the courts plus a 15 min buffer before the next session … last booking 17.30.

Book as normal on the MindBody smartphone app or via this website


* Times and booking procedures may vary on a day to day basis.

* Social distancing rules MUST be adhered to, otherwise you WILL be asked to leave the premises.

* Currently, bookings can only be made one day in advance.

* Singles play ONLY unless players are all from the same family.

* Members MUST name their opponent when booking. Failure to do so will result in the booking being cancelled.

* The booking member is responsible for their partner being a member. If they are NOT a member or not in the correct membership category (Peak or Off Peak) then the member will be charged a guest fee on arrival.

* Members should sweep courts after use (maintaining 2m social distance) and then use sanitizers provided.

* For serving, each player is required to bring their own tennis balls, marked boldly with their own initials, and not touch ANY other balls on the court.