COVID-19: Member Update 25.3.20

First of all, a huge thank you to all our members who work within the NHS and related services and are currently risking their own health to care for us and keep us safe. 

Your dedication and commitment is an inspiration and a comfort to us all during this crisis – please pass our appreciation on to all your colleagues  as well. Thank you!

Secondly, an update on what we are doing to maintain the Club’s stability during this necessary closure.

Actions include:

* Exploring the possibility of supporting staffing costs via available Government initiatives;

* Reducing utility costs and deferring all payments and scheduled orders;

* Taking up the 3-month VAT Reductions offer;

* Applying for various Grants and Funding;

* Continuing to ask Members to maintain their subscriptions wherever possible;


A note is about to go out to members requesting the annual subscriptions due in April – please note that when you do renew, the year’s membership will actually run from the date that the club reopens.

If you could possibly keep up your subscriptions during this time, it would help us enormously to keep our Club going on a viable basis. We do appreciate that not all members will be in a position to do this and if this is the case then please contact


A number of you have pledged financial support over and above your membership and we are deeply grateful for this added support. Your generosity will help the Northern to weather this storm and re-emerge as strong – or indeed stronger – than ever.


And lastly, a number of our members who run their own businesses have seen their trade vanish overnight and have decided to diversify to keep going.

Please support:

RCoffee, who supplies the Northern and many other bar and restaurant outlets with tea and coffee (and also sponsors team shirts for all our senior and junior squash teams), has now launched online supply and delivery to private customers. Go to

Food Sorcery, whose ‘Cooking Together’ masterclass events have become a must-do for everyone who enjoys fine food, is now offering a takeaway meal delivery service. Contact Mark Seymour-Mead on