The Northern Lawn Tennis Club was established in Old Trafford in 1881. Sir Humphrey de Trafford was elected the Club’s first president, with a membership of 56 life members. At the turn of the century the club moved to Didsbury with land purchased by members and local residents.  In 1912 the club officially registered with the Croquet Association and by 1936 squash was added to the games played at the Club.

The Northern had by then successfully run its international tennis tournament and also started to host Davis Cup matches. Tennis Greats such as Ken Rosewall and Maureen “Little Mo” Connolly had success at in the tournament, both winning here in the 50’s.

In 1969, The Northern made history as the first club in the North of England  to have an indoor tennis court. In 1974 not only did the club introduce glass backed squash courts, but Jimmy Connors won the International tournament. The 80’s and 90’s went on to be glorious decades for the tournament with John McEnroe, Jeremy Bates, Stefan Edberg, Pete Sampras (winning his first ever grass court tournament), Goran Ivanesevic and Patrick Rafter all victorious.

The club continued to grow its facilities, introducing two new indoor tennis courts in the mid 90’s along with 3 clay courts and fitness facilities, bringing the club to the present day.

The Northern continues to evolve, with new indoor courts planned and a host of junior tennis and squash players we hope will go on to great things - the future of the club is certainly as bright as its history.

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